Much has been said about the huge amount of waste generated by the fashion industry for our love of what is trendy and beautiful.

What do we do about the situation? How do we do our part to address fashion waste?


Painted Threads 2020


Our answer – LOOMS Painted Threads textile.

It features designs formed with yarn unraveled from fashion waste – fabric off-cuts too small to be used, rescued from tailors’ cutting tables. Our women artisans create artwork with these threads, encased in fused post-consumer bubble wrap waste, and celebrate the rebirth of end-of-life materials into new ones.


Workshop Hands Closeup

“Harvesting” threads – unravelling yarn from¬†textile off-cuts


Workshop Hands Closeup 3

Arranging “harvested” yarns and threads to create the art panel


Workshop Hands Closeup 4

Creating the Art panel.


Workshop Product Everyday Wallet
Completed Everyday Wallet


In this first series inspired by the ebb and flow of the seas around our little island, we present to you Wave – gentle contemplation – and Squiggle – a joyful little dance. Catch the debut of our new colours on Mediacorp’s NYE Countdown Show Let’s Celebrate 2020.


Workshop Participant 4

LOOMS Artisan Arthi with her Painted Threads panel


The Painted Threads collection is more than fashion to us. It is a statement about the positive impact we can collectively make today for a fashionably sustainable tomorrow.

We’d love to hear about your ways to combat fashion waste.

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“Create possibilities, not limitations.”

—— Nasyitah, Founder & Creative Director