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Painted Threads Coaster Set of 4 (Navy Coral)


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These uniquely designed and handcrafted statement coasters will add a quick pop of colour to your home, all while keeping your furniture safe from water marks.

Paying homage to the art of textiles weaving and the home seamstresses of the yesteryears, the the Painted Threads Collection is art meets sustainability and tradition. All merchandise feature one-of-a-kind panels handcrafted by the LOOMS artisans and layered with post-consumer bubblewrap.

*Note: Each set of coasters is uniquely designed. Product shown is the exact product to be purchased*

Painted Threads Coaster Set of 4

  • Colour block felt
  • Front-facing layer is treated with post-consumer bubble wrap
  • Waterproof front-facing layer
  • Painted Thread Art panel bodice
Dimensions 10 × 10 cm