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Black Crimson UR Pouch & Speco-24 Duo


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A gift that cares:
Limited Edition UR Pouch containing two bottles of Speco-24 hand sanitiser.

It’s the only one we trust:
+non-alcoholic and contains no fragrance which makes it fantastic for sensitive skins
+food-grade (that means it’s non-toxic and safe even if it gets onto your food)
+protects 24hrs even after you wash your hands
+moisturising so you can apply and reapply if you want
+no animal products used or animal testing conducted
+suitable for babies, children and the elderly

Speco-24 is available exclusively online from LOOMS.

UR Pouch: Handmade in Singapore from fine upholstery samples.

Speco-24: Hand sanitiser made in Singapore with the patent-pending formula Speco developed by award-winning SME and social enterprise Spic & Span. A 100% local honest-to-goodness product.


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