Inspired by the traditional way textiles are created – fibres spun into yarn and then woven into material on the weaver’s loom – we have built a system to support the growth of LOOMS artisans.

After a work placement test to determine the skill levels and needs of would-be artisans, these women who are taking steps to rise above their circumstances and redefine themselves are inducted into the year-long LOOMS Training & Development Program. They are coached in artisanal craftsmanship, art & design, facilitation techniques and life skills such as goal setting, workflow planning and effective communication.

Our social impact work with women is supported by every sale we make. By commissioning bespoke gifts and engaging our creative workshop services, corporate clients generate work opportunities and help maintain sustainable livelihoods for the LOOMS artisans.

Individual consumers can help as well! Whether you attend our public events and workshops or purchase our products and services, you are contributing to the run of our program and continuous growth of women needing equal opportunities.


Scroll the images below to learn more about our women and find out what inspires them!

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