Remember the Artisan stories you see us talking a lot about?    

We thought it was important to put faces and stories to the beautiful pieces coming out of the studio so a few weeks ago, we asked our artisans 3 simple questions:

“What makes you happy?” 

“Why do you come to LOOMS?”

“What are your dream(s)?”

Here are the artisans and their stories all on one page:

Looms Artisan Ms.rosme“I am happy doing the things I love. Sewing is my hobby and at LOOMS I can improve my skills.
I also have new friends and enjoy traveling to new places independently.
Training and working with LOOMS shows me attentiveness to detail and patience will produce the best results.” 
– Ms. Rosme

Looms Artisan Ms.arthi

“Being able to save for my future needs gives me a sense of independence, confidence and security.
Learning new sewing and crafting techniques to use materials and tools makes me feel professional.”
– Ms. Arthi


Looms Artisan Ms.Suraya

“I want to be a designer of dresses and own my own business.
At LOOMS I learn new skills and am paid for what I sew.
It gives me purpose and reason to go out of my house.
I am most satisfied when I am able to complete work assigned and become more financially able.”

– Ms. Suraya

Looms Artisan Ms. Hairani
“I’m thankful for waking up every morning to fresh air I breathe.

I am drawn to LOOMS by its value and working environment.
Being able to participate in decision-making however small it is makes me feel accepted.
I love the work we do at LOOMS!
– Ms Hairani


Whether you attend our public events and workshops or purchase our products and services, you are directly contributing to the work we do. Join us to support these women and others build the best version of themselves and their dreams.

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