Classic Clutch 2.0 Workshop

Let’s love ourselves more in the hustle-bustle of city life and corporate warrior-ing.

Join us in a 2-hour workshop designed to exercise mindfulness while connecting you to your creative core as you weave to life a unique piece of sustainable Painted Threads artwork.

The Painted Threads panel you have created will be transformed into a Classic Clutch 2.0 by Nas and her team of artisans post-workshop at LOOMS Studio and delivered to you upon completion.*

Come experience the calm.


*Completed merchandise will be delivered within 2 to 3 weeks post-workshop.
*Workshop fee of $148 includes all materials, the completed product and delivery.
*This workshop is suitable for supervised children and adults with or without art and design experience.

The Classic Clutch Details

Harvested Thread Art panel bodice treated with post-consumer bubble wrap, Felt lining, Snap magnets closure

30 x 17 cm

Product Care
Felt is an extremely sturdy material and easy to care for.
To keep your LOOMS product happy and well, we recommend:

* Keep your LOOMS product away from flammables, rough and wet surfaces.
* Dab gently with paper towel and air dry if wet
* Wipe the laminated surface with a damp cloth


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