Welcome to LOOMS. It’s good to have you here.

We would like to share three things close to our hearts at LOOMS:

+ Caring for people

+ Loving the environment

+ Taking helpful actions

When the circuit breaker period was announced, our priority was the safety and well-being of our artisanal partners. Instead of meeting at the studio once a week, we now keep in touch via text messages and weekly Google Hangout sessions. While some needed more time to adjust to new challenges, others are well-adjusted and ready to continue Working From Home.

For the time being, we are focused on making reusable fabric masks with remnant textiles from past projects and excess uniform stock* which would have ended up in landfills.

Rest assured that all fabric used is laundered and disinfected. Our artisanal partners also observe personal hygiene practices and maintain clean and tidy work areas.

Production meetings are held virtually and materials are delivered sans contact.

LOOMS Artisanal Partners

First Hangout production meeting


If you have any ideas on what else we can do to help or questions to ask, we’d love to hear from you. Email us at weave@theloomsworkshops.com and we can take it from there.

In the meantime, let’s love ourselves a little more and keep on spotting the silver linings that accompany all dark clouds.

Warm hugs,

Nasyitah and the women of LOOMS


*Sincere thanks to BOVE by Spring Maternity for their generous donation of the excess uniforms.

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What does LOOMS stand for?

At LOOMS we draw inspiration from traditional textile weaving where simple fibres and yarn are transformed into swathes of fabric on the loom. We believe big changes start with small actions and work to weave artistry with community for a world that is equal, fair and positive. Everyone deserves access to opportunities don’t we?

Who are the LOOMS artisanal partners?

Indispensable team members, the LOOMS artisanal partners are also stay-at-home mothers who are passionate about crafting, sewing, art making and personal growth.

What materials does LOOMS work with?

When we started we used primarily felt fabric for its structure and the way it holds paint. We are currently upcycling textile off-cuts and post-consumer bubblewrap collected from the community into our Painted Threads and Bubblewrap textiles. Felt remains the canvas for our Painted Threads textile but we are constantly looking out for sustainable materials to work with.

Where can I buy LOOMS products?

We are also stocked at The Green Collective (link this) for you to see, touch and feel our products in person. We look forward to having you drop by when the Circuit Breaker measures ease. Meanwhile all products listed on our website are available for purchase and pre-order although there will be a slight delay in shipping. For any questions, drop us an email at weave@theloomsworkshops.com.

Are the UR Masks safe to wear?

Our masks do not replace medical grade surgical masks. Nevertheless they are made from 2 layers of dense woven fabric with a pocket to insert filters for extra protection. Breathable and reusable, the mask is an effective alternative with proper use coupled with safe distancing and other hygiene practices like frequent handwashing. It also helps keep supply of surgical masks steady for frontline personnel and reduce the generation of waste. We urge everyone to avoid going out to potentially crowded places and to put on a surgical mask if you feel you need enhanced protection.The safest place is home for now.

Some mask-wearing best practices are:

+ washing your hands thoroughly before putting on your mask.

+ making sure your mask fits snugly on your face.

+ avoiding touching your mask once it is worn.

Who are your delivery partners and how long do you take to ship?

Complimentary contactless local deliveries are fulfilled by Ninjavan and take 3-5 working days. We use Singpost registered mail for overseas deliveries. Depending on your location, it will take 7 to 14 working days. Expect some delays due to Circuit Breaker measures.