Looms Commitment


LOOMS makes textiles from e-commerce packaging (bubblewrap), textile off-cuts and post-construction materials (felt). Our textiles are inspired by circular design, fusing art and fashion.

Our handmade projects done with a team of community mums create work and personal development opportunities.

The LOOMS Story

It all began when our founder and Creative Director Nasyitah wanted to create positive impact through what she loves most – Art, and got the support from co-founder Sherie, a childhood friend and one who believes every woman deserves a chance to realise her best self.

“Just as simple fibres are spun into yarn and woven into beautiful textiles, we believe little things when together can make a big difference.”

The LOOMS story is enriched by tales of strength and courage from women who have taken steps to rise above their circumstances. They work hard to regain their confidence through training and work opportunities, blossoming into skilled artisans with real financial means that can change theirs and their families’ futures.

Weaving Art with Community, we embrace Fairness, Respect, Value and Positivity.